Youth Development Program


2009-10 – Saurabh Gir (Sharjah Trainee from 2007 till to-date in Dubai)

2010-11 – Jay Joshi (Dubai Trainee from 2008 till to-date.. in Dubai)

2011-12 – Shaun Kachroo (Dubai Trainee from 2010 till 2014 in Bangalore currently)

2013-14 – No Nomination

2014-15 – Keith Pinto (Dubai Trainee from 2008 till 2015 in Mangalore currently)

2015-2016 – Artharva Inamdar (Dubai Trainee from 2008 till to-date.. in Dubai)

2016-2017 – Shifran Mulla(Sharjah Trainee from 2012 till to-date in Dubai)

2017-2018 – Chris Sequiera (Proposed)(Sharjah Trainee from 2012 till to-date in Dubai)

Introduced from: 2009

Youth Development Program-Definition interpretation are: Recognise the Trainees long term Engagement, Participation in multi activities & Performance in the platform provided by Sports Maxway centre of excellence, various centres.

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (YDP)- Qualifying parameters includes:

  1. Should have being a trainee of  Sports Maxway for minimum period of 04 years.
  2. Should have attended Minimum of 75 training sessions (paid) in a calendar year &  played in minimum of 15 matches conducted by Sports Maxway local or overseas.
  3. Should have participated as volunteer in the MGS group activity including CSR OR Community service, at least twice a year (for minimum 02 years).
  4. Ambassador Material with good communication, organizing skill & disciplined.
  5. Should have attended minimum 03 Overseas tour.
  6. Should have earned POM award at-least 10 times stretched over a period of maximum 04 years.


  1. He/She will be the Ambassador for MGS group & subsidy organization.
  2. Have to conduct oneself  in a responsible (role model) cum accountable manner all the time as per demanding situation and environment.
  3. Uphold MGS  & group of organisation values, image and goodwill all the time.
  4. Support & Assist  MGS program, events, tournament wherever, whenever organized.
  5. Participate and be instrumental a leader  in all activities that  MGS undertakes.
  6. Advise, Suggest ways to improve and built up scope for enhancing existing levels of training, event organizing etc.


  1. Will get Free Training (free-ship) session throughout Sports Maxway system within the country of current residence.
  2. Will get Free Training session (maximum 15 training sessions strictly back to back sessions only) in the country of trainees permanent stay (subject to MGS franchise exists in that country). No commitments of any match opportunities.
  3. Sports Maxway will give first preference as player in all its competitive event and matches it organises or participate.
  4. As part of grooming process, the member will be made to involve wherever needed in activity and events organized by MGS and its group of organisation.
  5. Maybe considered as junior team management (may be/may not be as a player) members to tour overseas, with MGS team.
  6. Will be nominated for special training, seminar etc..
  7. Will recommend for scholarship with local Institution (Universities), whilst pursuing further academy.
  8. Work placement scope  would be  explored & provided both within MGS or outside assistance, this is purely subject to possible circumstances only.


  1. Though MGS management do keep track and will nominate members qualifying for YDP program. YET Trainees are themselves Free also to inform the candidature for consideration subject they feel they meet the criteria, needed to be nominated.
  2. Provide as much as information to support your claim for the nomination
  3. Only applicable for sports Maxway active Trainees only. Any discontinuation of Training more then 03 months. All past laurels gained or participation done, will be nullified.
  4. Final decision to be taken by Maxtalent Global Sports management.
  5. The Nomination need to be filed/declared by December of each year for current and next year YDP consideration- YDP nominated & accepted name for Free Training would be applicable from `1st Jan of each year and the Free Training is ongoing Till the member attain age 18 Years.